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It's a new year, and with that, is back with a new tutorial and a new resolution! Not the New Year's kind, but the larger tutorial size kind. Monitors keep getting bigger and my web stats says it's time to bump up the resolution for the vast majority of readers, so the new tuts will be somewhere in the neighborhood of 1200x750, up from 960x600. Hopefully that doesn't impede on too many of you still using 1024x768, but hey, a higher resolution is just a setting away!

So, remember when I shared 50 Free Photo Art Borders? Well, now I finally have the tutorial to go with them. I know, I know, it's about time. The great thing about this particular tutorial is that it's a 3-in-1. Score! Amirite?

In the tutorial we'll be using layer masks, the free transform tool, blend modes, and erasing and vignetting the non-destructive way. The border I used is from the 50 Free Photo Art Borders pack, but you can also find it here.

Click the launch video button below to view.

Roll over image to see original.