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This compilation post is an ode to my absolute favorite TV shows, and also a sequel to my 5 Great Vampire Tutorials post. The faves I am speaking of, True Blood, Dexter, Vampire Diaries, and Being Human, all have something in common--blood. I also feel the need to mention another fave, One Tree Hill. It's not bloody like the aforementioned shows, but it has certainly had its fair share of murderous villains. OH, and the dog that ate Dan Scott's heart while waiting for his transplant (yes, really).

Anyway, as always, I am rambling. Basically, here's a list of some brushes and tutorials I've gathered that reminded me of my favorite shows that I thought would look amazing in some horror-inspired photoshops. Enjoy!


Splat Brushes

Splat Brushes for Photoshop

Blood Splatter Brushes

Blood Splatter Brushes

Bloody Tears Brushes

Bloody Tears Brushes

Manga Blood Brushes

Manga blood brush set

Blood Brush Set

Blood Brush Set


Creating a Blood Texture Effect (this goes with the brush set posted directly above)

Blood Effect in Photoshop

Create a Realistic Blood Effect

Create Realistic Blood

Photoshop Real Wounds Photomanipulation

Create Real Wounds in Photoshop

*Bonus Brushes*

Fingerprint Brushes

Bloody Fingerprint Brushes

Stitches and Sutures Brushes

Stitch Brushes