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Selected Color

In this tutorial I will show you how to make a certain part of a photo color and the rest black and white.

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Retro Effect

Sometimes it’s cool to make a photo look a little older to give it a slight retro feel.

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Halftone Border

This photoshop tutorial shows you how to achieve the halftone effect on your borders, producing a fun and interesting image.

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The Orton Effect

Third post, ok I’m going to stop counting now. Might as well end on a favorite number, right? Today I have decided to do the Orton Effect, an effect created by Michael Orton.

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LOMO/Cross-processed Photo Effect

Yay, my second tutorial! Yes, I’m going to keep counting how many I have. My last tutorial did much better than I expected.

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Frosted Border

Here we are…Photoshop Girl is finally here. My mother, back home in Virginia, has been champing at the bit for this site to go up since I first told her about it – months ago. I would be lazy and keep putting it off.

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