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It's almost that time again, for Adobe to unleash a new version of everyone's favorite image editing tool upon us. But before that happens, you can play with it for free and test out all the cool new features Adobe has added! I'll have more to add on the new features in a future post, but for now, grab the download at your leisure here: Adobe Photoshop CS6 Beta

Here is a quick rundown of some of the new stuff:

-Updated UI with some engine improvements for quicker editing with some of the more intensive tools, like liquify.
-More content aware stuff, Adobe continues to flesh out one of the most talked about features of CS5.
-Some of the core tools have been improved or redesigned, such as the crop tool.

And here is a feature list from Adobe which you can download here.

• Dark UI
• UI Consistency
• Properties Panel (Adjustments/Masks/3D)
• Lighting Effects Gallery
• Presets (Migrate Presets and Import/Export)
• Crop (all new and redesigned)
• Patch Tool w/Content-Aware Option
• Content-Aware Move Tool (formerly the Remix Tool)
• Scripted Patterns (Fill/Pattern)
• Contact Sheet II plug-in back in app
• PDF Presentation back in the app
• File Import Image from Device now includes ImageKit scanning and camera acquisition support
• Minibridge UI tweaks—Filmstrip Mode
• MENA Support (Middle-East and North African text support)
• Rich Cursor information throughout the app (i.e. Crop, Transform, Move, Vectors,

• GPU Warp Transform
• GPU Puppet Warp Preview
• GPU Liquify—Button for last Liquify used and Cmd + F works
• GPU Oil Paint (Pixel Bender) Artistic Filter
• Adaptive Wide Angle
• Lighting Effects and Blur Galleries
• Background Save, Auto-Save and Auto Recover

• ACR 7—Local controls for White Balance and Noise Reduction, new black/white and highlight/shadow controls
• Blur Gallery (Tilt-Shift, Iris and Field Blur)
• Video (No longer limited to Extended)—Video Group Layers
• Adaptive Wide Angle—Includes support for panoramas!
• Face-Aware Mask Generation—Change to Color Range
• Intelligent Auto-Correction

• Type Styles
• Type Menu (Insert Lorem Ipsum JDI)
• New Dictionaries
• Improved Font Rendering—Gamma setting in Color Settings
• Pixel Accuracy/Snap to Pixels
• New Vector Layers
• Styles on Groups
• Stack of TOP JDI’s specifically for designers
• Layer Search

• Erodible Tips
• Airbrush Tips
• Brush Rotation for Static Tips
• Oil Paint Filter (Pixel Bender)
• JDI’s specifically for painters
• Painting Performance, CPU and GPU
• Default Tablet Pose Parameters for Mouse Film Industry
• 10-bit Monitor Support
• 3D LUTs, color adjustments

• Completely Redesigned Print Dialog
• Print Selected Area is back and the selection can be adjusted in the Print Dialog.
• “Edit” button added for the description field in the Print Dialog.
• When using Photoshop Manages Colors, the list of profiles is now filtered to hide profiles that are inappropriate for your currently selected printer.
• Users can change the “preview well” background color in the Print Dialog to better suit their needs.

Check it out and have fun!