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What is bokeh, you ask? Bokeh (pronounced "boke-uh") is the term we use in photography to describe the out-of-focus areas or blur in a photograph. Some people, like myself, just use it specifically to describe the out-of-focus highlights.

Recently I have noticed a ton of amazing photographers using bokeh shots as textures to give photos a more dreamy or whimsical feel. For today I wanted to show you some inspirational photographs that use Bokeh textures and link to some of my favorite bokeh textures. Come back tomorrow and I will show you how to add a bokeh texture to your pictures in my next tutorial!

Bokeh Texture Beach

from weheartit (source unknown)

Bokeh Texture Bleeding Glitter

from weheartit (source unknown)

Bokeh Texture Wedding Rings

from yours truly--PhotoshopGirl

Bokeh Couple by Pond

from hellogaby

Girl with Bokeh

from functioned branches

Magic Tea Bokeh

from faiiiry

Chanel with Bokeh

from weheartit (source unknown)

And now here are some of my favorite bokeh textures:

Heart-shaped Bokeh Texture Pack

from gloeckchen

Bokeh Texture Pack

from regular jane Pack#2 Pack#3 Pack#4 Pack#5