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Dreamy Vintage Effect

To continue with this week's theme of dreamy images with bokeh, I wanted to share this great tutorial I found at Blueprint Media Design. While there technically isn't any bokeh in this tutorial, I still thought the star texture was a nice touch. In their tutorial you'll learn how to add multiple textures, use blend modes, color balance, selective color, brightness/contrast, and gradient maps.

Dreamy Vintage Wind farm

I also decided to do my own version that I tweaked a bit. On a side note, how great are wind farms? They completely captivate me. I literally just spent the last 20 minutes looking at the Wind Turbines & Wind Farms group on Flickr. This was the first one I ever saw while on my road trip in June to the "Deep North" (Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin). If you know where that reference is from, you totally deserve a high-five!