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I've received a good amount of feedback about my last roundup of photography WordPress themes, so I thought I'd share more of the themes I've found recently. Just a quick note, if you see me describe any of these templates as responsive, that simply means that that have been designed to display a layout that is user friendly depending on the device the user is browing the site with. These themes may look radically different on an iPad than they do on a PC, but this will be intended and designed to present the best experience possible.

This template has a nice clean look to it, and is responsive for multiple screens. The author has developed the theme to be as flexible as possible, and included several useful features such as gallery commenting, 2 color schemes for themes, and a color picker for accent colors.

Franklyn Theme

This is a really interesting theme that will make your gallery stand out. The layout is designed to make your site look like an art gallery, and you can navigate horizontally using the arrow keys. It does also come with all the usual stuff for the blog layout, and includes a very user friendly way to customize the colors of the theme. This one also features a responsive design.

Photoes Theme

A nice large full screen theme that really puts the emphasis on your photos. Comes with a few different styles for the gallery. Also includes 4 different skins. The theme isn't responsive, but instead is "mobile friendly", so it will still create a friendly experience for those on a mobile device.

PhotoPro Theme

This one is unique because it allows you to set your background as a video. You can do some really cool and creative stuff with this, check out some of the examples included in the live theme preview on the theme's page. Also has a normal blog layout, and I think this one would also be cool for film blogs.

Mater Theme

This is a responsive theme with a full screen portfolio. You use the arrow keys to navigate the gallery. The theme features drag and drop galleries as well, very cool! You can also password protect your galleries, if you have need for such things.

Blitz Theme

That's it for today, happy theme hunting!