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I have spent the past few days in bed due to being under the weather and I wanted to show you a blog filled to the brim with inspiration that put a serious smile on my face. Last year, 13 brilliant female photographers took a trip to Middleofnowehere, Texas also known as Marfa, Texas. What was created during that week was pure magic. I honestly haven't been this inspired in a long time. I'm amazed by their attention to detail, really capturing what is all around them. Even the small things, the things I would walk right on by. Not to mention the crazy DoF (depth of field) that's going on in these photos and the perspectives they chose to shoot the "things" I mentioned earlier. I'm so jealous over here! Though I assume it's not that hard when you are surround by a place as beautiful and unique as Marfa. Head on over to the Marfa Trip blog for some amazing inspiration!