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I'm a newbie in the world of Lomography. I just bought my first Lomo in June when I was in Minneapolis at Mall of America. And it was on sale. Score. I have been wanting a Lomo for years ever since I have been faking the effect in Photoshop. It's not just any Lomo-- it's a fisheye, something I have been so eager to experiment with for years as well. Two birds with one stone, you know?

Lomo Fisheye

My new baby!

After buying my new baby I was looking for some Lomo fisheye photos because I wasn't exactly sure what the photos would look like with a fisheye camera. Enter the super cute photo blog-- My Little Fisheye. Candy for the eyes if you love fisheye photography because the blog goes beyond the Lomo. The fisheye is such an interesting twist to point-and-shoot photos.

Fisheye Header

Passion Stairs

Lomo Pug

Vegas Fisheye