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Here's the list, enjoy!

5 Retro Actions
By: kalinsicons

Retro Actions

6 Retro/Vintage Actions
By: rocketlaunch

Retro/Vintage Actions

Action Pack 1
By: EmberGFX

Action Pack

Caitlin's Actions
By: mumbojumbo89

Caitlins Actions

Sa-Cool Actions 1.07
By: sa-cool

Sa-Cool Actions

Dazzle Effects
By: dazzle-textures

Dazzle Effects Actions

guteCharlotte color o2
By: guteCharlotte

guteCharlotte o2

Action's Gallery by Night-fate
By: night-fate

Action by night-fate

Action by night-fate

Polaroid Generator
By: rawimage

Polaroid Generator

I love the Polaroid Generator because it gives you much more control over your photos as an action compared to Poladroid that I wrote about here.