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Well this tutorial is here to help that problem by boosting the colors using Channels and Lab Color.

Click the launch video button below to view.

Roll over image to see original.

A couple tips:

Tip #1: If you find that this enhancement is a bit too strong for your photo then there's a way to fix that. First you need to select the entire image by click Ctrl + A then hit Ctrl + C to copy the image. Go back to the original version of the image and paste it by hitting Ctrl + V. This adds it as a new layer to the original and you can change the opacity of the layer in the layers panel but using the opacity slider.

Tip #2: Like I mention in the tutorial, Channel A represents Green and Red colors while Channel B represents Blue and Yellow colors. If you feel that there is already in enough red in the photo, say in someone's skin, you can just add the adjustment to the B channel to add some yellow to the skin to help neutralize the red.